Deciding Between Na Jomtien Beach or Pattaya Beach?

Sunset over the Gulf of Thailand from Na Jomtien Beach.

First-time visitors to Pattaya can be surprised by the variety of areas and beaches around the central city that are all defined as part of Pattaya. Regular visitors often choose a place to stay that’s removed from the central city. These savvy vacationers know that making the trip into central Pattaya for shopping or nighttime entertainment is just a short, easy drive.

By booking a hotel away from the central area of Pattaya Beach, you can enjoy more of what the region has to offer, including its stunning beaches.

Speaking of stunning beaches, let’s compare Na Jomtien Beach vs Pattaya Beach and show how you can reap the benefits of both by choosing the right place to stay.

Central Pattaya

Typical boat traffic on busy Pattaya Beach.

Central Pattaya is the city area around Pattaya Beach. The city began life as a small fishing village that became popular with American soldiers stationed at U-Tapao Airport down the coast during the Vietnam War. The residents soon realized the financial benefits of catering to tourists who visited their long, sheltered beach. This shift in the village’s priorities spurred Pattaya’s growth into the famous tourist magnet it’s become today.

Pattaya, and the area around Pattaya Beach, is now known for its vibrant nightlife and world-class shopping, which attracts thousands of overseas vacationers and people enjoying a weekend getaway from Bangkok. Unfortunately, the overwhelming success of Pattaya as a tourist destination has also meant an inevitable increase in the noise and traffic around Pattaya Beach.

Frequent visitors to the city began exploring the areas outside of central Pattaya in an effort to enjoy a little more peace and quiet on their vacation. This gave rise to several neighborhoods and satellite towns adjacent to the central beach area. North Pattaya, Jomtien, and Na Jomtien became established tourism destinations in their own right.

Na Jomtien Beach

Na Jomtien Beach has become a favorite destination for regular vacationers to the Pattaya area. Comparing Na Jomtien Beach to Pattaya Beach is like comparing the past to the present, which is part of the peaceful and attractive charm of Na Jomtien. The area of Na Jomtien Beach stretches from the southern edge of Jomtien, south to Bang Saray. Na Jomtien Beach is home to Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Ban Amphur Beach and Nong Nooch Botanical Garden.

The long, quiet expanses of the beach feel like you’re a world away from the lights and noise of central Pattaya. Yet, because of new infrastructure work on the highway system, Na Jomtien Beach is only about a 15-minute drive from central Pattaya.

Na Jomtien Beach features kilometers of uncrowded beaches and spectacular views of the coastline. It’s the perfect destination for people who want to learn how to sail, windsurf or waterski. It’s also the perfect place to take a private stroll with a loved one and watch the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand.

Na Jomtien Beach perfectly exemplifies the “less is more” ideology. By booking a room in a resort in Na Jomtien Beach, you can enjoy peaceful days away from the crowds, noise, and traffic while still being within a short drive of the golf courses, shopping and nightlife around Pattaya.

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