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Discover Our Superb Holiday Café in Na Jomtien

Make a great café in Na Jomtien your hangout this vacation.

Everyone loves finding the perfect place to hang out while they’re on holiday. It may be a great beach or a café with a panoramic view that serves delicious coffee. When the place surpasses these modest requirements, it can transform a holiday into something extremely memorable, filled with gorgeous sunsets, warm friendships, and great meals […]

Na Jomtien’s Hidden Gem: MASON’s Rooftop Swimming Pool

MASON Pattaya’s rooftop swimming pool in Na Jomtien

Welcome to MASON Pattaya, where luxury meets tranquility in the vibrant heart of Na Jomtien. Nestled within our resort’s elegant Club House, our Sky Pool is no ordinary swimming pool; it’s a slice of paradise, a perfect blend of comfort, style, and breathtaking views. Let’s explore what makes our rooftop swimming pool with sprawling views […]

Add A MASON Pattaya Spa Session to Your Relaxing Activity List

Add A MASON Pattaya Spa Session to Your Relaxing Activity List 1 - MASON Spa 4 scaled e1593511904633

Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Na Jomtien, MASON Spa is a highlight for anyone seeking relaxing activities during their trip in Pattaya. At our 5-star hotel spa in Na Jomtien, recipient of the prestigious 2022 World Spa Luxury Award, we offer an experience that transcends the ordinary. We are a sanctuary of tranquility […]