Marking the most wonderful time of the year, MASON is presenting a meal bursting with flavor and cheer.Tuck into the Christmas Set Menu, four courses with 1 free drink!Be dazzled by dishes such as lobster bisque, fresh succulent lobster cooked to perfection served with a hot soup, white truffle soup, fragrant truffles prepared to their full potential, and an exquisite beef stew, premium choice beef cooked to be wonderfully moist and tender. The presentation is punctuated by delectable desserts including a coconut panna cotta in mixed berry sauce.Every dish is the creation of top chefs who carefully select only the freshest, most premium ingredients each day.

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HIGH-END HONEYMOON: Where to Go for the Ultimate Honeymoon

Planning the perfect honeymoon getaway is one of the most exciting parts of being newlyweds. You get to flip through catalogs and pick the destinations that jump out at you, happily browse through pages and sites, hunting down that perfect honeymoon villa or lodge until you narrow your options down to five choices. No more, no less. Perfect.Then you think about your options and weigh them; where do you want to spend your romantic getaway and why?

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