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MASON Unveils Organic MASON Secret Garden to Reinforce Environmental Responsibility, marking an Environmental and Sustainability Milestone and promoting Environmental Friendliness
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At the unveiling, Ms. Pornpun Ratanapitakkul, General Manager of MASON, stated that “MASON Secret Garden was started by our focus on improving quality of life and passing on positive changes to others. This sparked the idea for our staff and guests to join together in a green community and led to the establishment of this modest green space, where our employees and visitors can try their hand at organic vegetable faming and grow an appreciation for the value of resources. MASON also supports Well-Being, particularly in good work environments, inspiring both its personnel and guests to learn about balancing social and environmental needs and awareness of responsible tourism. All of this stems from our belief in developing creatively and sustainably as an organization, which is why we are integrating food, agriculture and environmental issues into concrete efforts.”
Mr. Mongkol Saichana, Manager of Maintenance and Engineering for MASON, pointed out that “We were intent on carrying out the MASON Secret Garden project and transformed a vacant space into one with value. We used waste and recycled items to setup this organic vegetable garden, including discarded golf cart wheels for plant beds and used bedframes as seating. MASON Secret Garden is also fitted with solar panels that power the lights over our plants and the automated watering system.”
Mr. Chayasak Namwong, an Executive Chef at MASON, elaborated that “Offering goods and services with value is important, my focus is not only flavor but on going from farm to table, using organic chemical-free ingredients grown at our very own MASON Secret Garden. Cooking with these materials also helps in our cost control and waste management, as we can use the waste from our kitchens in the garden. In the future, we will offer culinary classes using our own vegetables with lessons starting from how to pick produce from the farm and selecting fresh ingredients from the nearby community. We will teach how to make Tom Yum Kung, Pad Thai, Green Curry and other favorites with professional chefs leading the classes, which will be available daily from 12:00 – 16:00 PM at Zila Street Bistro & Bar. Our cocktail mixing classes are also very interesting as guests will learn how to make drinks from expert bartenders with a wealth of knowledge. Guests can look forward to both of these classes in the near future.”
Mr. Ananbodhin Wachoom, Director of Food and Beverage for MASON, added that “More important than service is imbuing our dishes with a story, one that conveys a sense of value and the dedication of our staff to guests. The organic produce from MASON Secret Garden is to be used in all of our dining venues and bars, the lettuce and basil will go to restaurants, the mint will garnish drinks at the bar and all we grow at the garden will even be used for culinary and cocktail mixing classes we will be offering in the near future.”
MASON has remained a resort dedicated to natural and environmental conservation and advocates the reduction of pollution by efficiently managing its own resources and energy. MASON is resolute in being a new type of accommodation that provides an elevated stay experience as well as healthfulness and social betterment, today and in the future.