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Human Rights Policy

K Wave Co. Ltd. (MASON) understands the importance of basic human rights and social responsibility to responsible and sustainable operation and does not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation or other personal matters and trains its staff to understand human rights principles. If any member of personnel believes their personal rights have been violated or that they have not received fair treatment, they are entitled to file a complaint and have it be genuinely considered and acted upon with righteousness. In support of its understanding, the Company maintains this Human Rights Policy.

Policies and Practices

  1. The Company acknowledges and respects the human rights of its employees and all stakeholders to its operation and treats them with dignity, mutual respect and equality without discrimination based on personal qualities such as ethnicity, race, religion, gender, nationality, age, physical ability or other states.
  2. The Company shall not obstruct employment, training, termination of employment or retirement based on ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, membership in a union or political affiliation and considers promotions based on an employee’s knowledge, ability and efficacy.
  3. The Company remunerates, prescribes work days and work hours and provides leave and employee benefits with fairness and in compliance with the Labor Protection Act of Thailand.
  4. The Company shall not participate in any act that violates human rights, in particular, forced labor, illegal migrant labor employment, child labor, human trafficking and personal data violation.
  5. The Company shall treat its employees with humanity, without violence, sexual harassment, physical or mental threats or verbal abuse. Occupational health and safety will be maintained.
  6. The Company does not permit employees to engage in behaviors, including physical and verbal displays or physical contact, that constitute oppression, sexual harassment, molestation or sexual exploitation.
  7. The Company communicates practices and policies to its employees, interns, outsource staff and all other operators related to its operation, including goods and service providers, contractors and business partners, so that they may take part in its operating with fairness and respect to human rights in accordance with this policy. These principles are communicated to employees from the start of their employment and periodically in accordance with annual training plans.
  8. The Company monitors the protection of human rights and does not neglect or ignore actions that constitute human rights violation. Upon receiving any complaint from an employee, the Company shall urgently carry out an inquiry process and protection measures for the complainant or individual participating in the human rights violation report.
  9. Human rights violators will be considered in violation of Company ethics and may face disciplinary action in accordance with Company regulations as well as face legal proceedings in the event the violation is illegal. A lack of awareness of this policy or relevant laws shall not be considered a valid reason for non-compliance.


Complaint Filing, Consideration and Resolution Process

  1. Employees who are dissatisfied or aggrieved due to their work, whether due to unfair treatment, discrimination, unfair remuneration, harassment or violation of human rights may file a report or complaint by proceeding as follows:
    • Submitting to the Complaint Inbox. Complaint must be properly sealed and does not need to contain the identity of the complainant.
    • Submitting to a direct or immediate supervisor unless the complaint involves the supervisor, in which case, the complaint may be submitted to a Human Resources manager or head of the Company Welfare Committee.
  2. Once a complaint is received, an urgent inquiry into the facts of the complaint must be carried out as thoroughly as possible either independently by the supervisor or with assistance by the Company. The complainant must provide a detailed account to superiors.
  3. Following the inquiry, the supervisor must consider if the matter is within their authority. If it is within the capability of the supervisor to resolve the issue, resolution must be carried out urgently and the complainant and Company must be notified.
  4. In the event the complaint exceeds the authority of the supervisor, they must forward the issue and any recommendations for resolution or views to a Human Resources manager so an inquiry committee may be established to further consider the complaint and resolution. The General Manager shall be involved in considering resolution.
  5. Complaints filed in earnest are of great benefit to the Company and involved employees. The complainant, employees providing statements, information and facts or material witnesses as well as employees considering the complaint, acting in honesty, and even with the threat of complication to the Company, must receive assurance from the Company that the complaint will not serve as a reason for their termination, punishment or any other negative impact.