Sustainability Giving together 1 - mason emblem e1555039603338  SUSTAINABLY CONCIOUS

Towards the support of K Wave Co. Ltd. (MASON) for Social Sustainability, encompassing sustainability for human rights, gender equality and support for the potential of youths and the misfortunate, the following CSR activities are being proposed:
The sharing of 2 percent of revenue from the following 3 streams:
  1. From the sale of products from MASON Spa
  1. From the sale of products from MASON Shop
  1. From the sale of travel experiences by the Concierge
Giving back to Society (CSR)
The following revenue-sharing activities are to be carried out in the form of food and necessity donations and joint activities. The focus is on two nearby foundations not financially supported by the government.
  1. The Glory Hut, a foundation that aids the impoverished and AIDS patients.
  1. Baan Kruja, a foundation that protects and develops children, including homeless, misfortunate and exploited or abused children.
Activity DetailsDate – PeriodResponsible agencies
Appropriate 2 percent of revenue from three streams to fund activity.Starts 1 September, 2023 onwardFinance & Accounting
Create signage for the activity to publicize revenue sharing and CSR.Within September 2023 and onwardFront Office
Marketing & Sales
Publicize externally via social media.Starts November 2023 onwardMarketing & Sales
Organize CSR activities once each quarter, rotating between two locations, through 2023-2024.Q4/2023 Donation in December 2023 to The Glory HutHuman Resources
Q2/2024 Donation in June 2024 to The Glory HutHuman Resources
Q3/2024 Donation in September 2024 to Baan KrujaHuman Resources
Q4/2024 Donation in December 2024 to The Glory HutHuman Resources