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MASON holds turtle release for World Turtle Day under campaign “MASON BETTER TOGETHER” promoting conservation and rejuvenation of ocean ecosystems
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On 23 May, 2023 between 12:30 PM – 04:00 PM MASON led a conservational activity marking World Turtle Day 2023 as part of the MASON BETTER TOGETHER campaign, which has run for two years now. MASON has continued to be committed to being a “giver” by working with its staff to generate awareness towards the significance of sea turtles to ocean ecosystems, promoting valuable information on their life cycles, habitats and the environmental challenges they are facing by engaging in a release of turtles to the sea. The activity included a visit to a turtle hospital and a cleaning of the Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtle Conservation Centre in Sattahip to further build awareness for the need to conserve sea turtles as well as to reiterate our dedication to playing a role in environmental care.  
MASON executives and staff joined together on the day to clean the turtle nursery at the center to ensure a clean and safe environment for hatchlings readying to be released back into the ocean. The act was done to demonstrate how MASON is devoted to providing habitats to these wonderful creatures and supporting their survival.
At the turtle hospital, which also serves as a research facility into sea turtles while caring for injured or diseased animals until they are ready to be reintroduced into the wild, MASON gained a deeper understanding of the challenges these animals face.

Through these activities, MASON played a committed role to environmental conservation and the preservation of sea turtles, underlining its standing as a socially responsible entity. On top of receiving a uniquely crafted experience, guests to MASON may also know that their stays are endowed with meaning as we work to expand their happiness to the communities and farmers that surround us, to environmental conservation and to local ecosystems. All of this brings a value to our guests that goes beyond price.





MASON invites staff to plant mangrove, release sharks and crabs at Napa Tharaphriom Beach under “KIND OF OUR SEA” concept seeking sustainable development and conservation of oceans
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On 4 July, 2023, MASON staged an activity, inviting its staff to take part in the planting of a mangrove forest and releasing sharks and crabs into the sea off Napa Tharaphirom Beach. Taking place under the hotel’s “KIND OF OUR SEA” concept, the undertaking was aimed at promoting harmony and conservation of mangrove ecosystems, which contribute to the sustainability of the ocean.
The current natural population of both sharks and crabs has been steadily dwindling due to predatory fishing and illegal sales. Conservation has become necessary to counterbalance this trend. The lengthy gestation period of sharks means fishing of the animals poses the threat of their extinction and high demand for sea crabs has made maintaining a proper balance of their numbers a major task. Releasing crabs into natural environments creates the opportunity for their proliferation as well as for sustainability of the sea. MASON is aware of these realities and is dedicated to conserving both sharks and crabs now and into the future. This release of both aquatic animals was done in an area under the watch of the Royal Thai Navy in Sattahip, bringing assurance that the animals will be able to thrive and increase their numbers, returning balance to the ecosystem. MASON is hopeful that the activity also raised awareness towards the value, importance and benefits of sharks and crabs to the sea and promoted wider conservation of the sea.
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On top of the release of sharks and crabs, MASON staff also planted a mangrove to expand the area of the needed ecosystem in Thailand. Mangroves enrich, clean and complete the ocean while also helping to clean the air and protect shorelines. Mangroves absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and even help to dissipate storms and ocean waves, mitigating erosion and greater damage from natural disasters.
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MASON wishes to continue being a part of the sustainability effort by contributing to the harmony of the ocean. In line with the KIND OF OUR SEA concept, MASON has made saving oceans one of its key operation policies and works to grow its business while also revitalizing natural resources and ocean habitats. MASON seeks to uplift society towards sustainability by making positive changes both for today and the future.